Recover your myFave Points

In order to help you recover points we've made this process very simple. Just submit us the request to recover your points by clicking the button below. It will open your email client/app. Alternatively, you can email us at ( In the email, include the following required information:
- your Recovery Code
- at least ONE (1) name of a shop where you collected points via myFave

Click to Submit Request

Where to find the Recovery Code

Points Recovery Code is shown to you with every valid transaction performed using the myFave app. See screenshot below.


If you do not have the Recovery Code there is absolutely no way for us to recover your points.

Why? One word: anonymity. myFave is built to be anonymous, it tracks your points against a unique encrypted code stored on your device. If you change your device (example: upgrade to a new device), or remove myFave off your phone (factory restore reset or accidentally delete it off of your phone) - this encrypted code is automatically deleted at the same time by iOS (something outside of our control). This is why myFave mobile app presents you with the recovery code with every transaction - without it, there is absolutely no way for you to recover your points.